Magical Avebury Stone Circle Travel Guide by Stonehenge Travel

If you like to travel and want to explore the beauty of nature and like to enjoy different kinds of food and drinks then Avebury stone circle tour can be best for you. Avebury is one of the most beautiful places in the entire universe. Whenever you visit the Avebury circle, you will feel a vibe in the air, which will amaze you. You will be amazed to see the sunset, stars in the night, and drink in the Red Lion, will be compelled to feel the magic. If you are from the UK or outside of the UK, you must have heard about Stonehenge, a beautiful place for natural beauty but Avebury is also a beautiful place for natural beauty and traditional food and drinks. In Stonehenge, you cannot get close and personal with stones, because that is restricted, but in Avebury, there is no such kind of restriction. Avebury is the largest stone circle in Europe and is part of the Neolithic henge monument family. It dates back to the 3rd Millennium BC. If you are from the UK or outside of the UK and want a tour of Avebury circle then you are in right place. In this article, I will give you some information about Stonehenge Travel, a private tour guide for you and after that, you will understand that if you want a tour of the Avebury circle then Stonehenge Travel will be your best choice.



Avebury Stone Circle


The Avebury stone circle is a World Heritage Site and it is recognized globally for its Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments. In Avebury, you will be able to see the biggest stone circle, stone avenues, and ancient tombs. All the Avebury and the surrounding area are maintained by the National Trust and you can explore the Avebury stone circle all year round. One of the attractions in the Avebury is the manor house where Alexander Keiller lived in the past and his archaeological work will assist you to understand very’ past and there is also a museum that bears his name.


The first footsteps of the farmers made their mark in Avebury almost 6,000 years ago and archaeologists are still able to find the clues of their lives. Here you will find huge henge banks and ditches were detected around 4,300 years ago and you ate no restriction for visiting this.  You are allowed to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.


You will be amazed to see the beauty Manor and Garden. Avebury is a place where you can sit in the chairs, lie on the beds, or sit in the dining table. The many garden ‘rooms’ reflect the style of the house. In Avebury Manor, there are cafes, a gift shop, bookshop, and a tea-room also.


Book Your Avebury Tour From Stonehenge Travel

We are the most professional and experienced private tour guide company and we will help you explore prehistoric Avebury stone circle in such a way that it will be in your mind forever. We will help to visit the Avebury stone circle in a stress-free way for families and small groups. We always used luxury and air-conditioned vehicles for our tourists. All our drivers are very experienced and knowledgeable. Our guide knows all the best routes and the best places for lunch. With us, you can access free 4G Wi-Fi, audio commentary and many more


Stonehenge Travel is a very experienced private tour guide company and we are working in this field for many years. For our professionalism, we have thousands of clients with us. And they give us positive feedback, you can check this on our website or for more information you can contact us by below way.



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Enjoy The Tour With Lacock Guided Day Tour

Tour description

Lacock is a lovely medieval village in Wiltshire County, England. It is a historic village that drawing tourists from around the world. Lacock is described in the book of Domesday. Lacock ‘s key attractions include the Lacock Abbey, Bowood House and Gardens, St Cyriac ‘s Church and so on. Discover this stunning destination in England with Lacock guided day tours with best guided of Stonehenge Travels.


Lacock Tours by Stonehenge Travels,London


Every year, this village draws thousands of tourists who come to see the unspoilt village where much of the buildings are since the 18th century and Lacock Abbey, who have captured the attention of film and TV location scouts, starring in a couple of ‘Harry Potter’ movies for those of you wizarding fans, as well as many other movies and TV dramas like ‘Cranford.’

Why go for this lacock guided day tours?


You will be travel on this Lacock guided day tours in a small touring bus with less passenger capacity. Some London tours use full size touring coaches with loads of passengers, and on a couple of trips.

You will receive a personalised guide service on a lacock guided day tour. The driver / guide can gauge where the passenger line interests, customise comments, sometimes itineraries to those best interest. And of course you have much better access to the guide to ask questions and be more informed.

Wherever possible, the tour will travel off the main roads down the country roads into the countryside where it is difficult for the big tour groups to go.

Our tour will give you


We offer private guided tours to Lacock. With us you can travel comfortably and luxury. A professional and supportive driver-guide takes you to to Lacock ‘s top sights. Luxury vehicle hire, free 4 G Wi-Fi access, audio guidance and optional luxury refreshments are one of our lacock guided day tours.

We’ll take you on a special guided tour, introducing you some of the items that tourists wouldn’t usually see in the array.

Rates & Tour Bookings


The current prices for the tour are shown on our page. Often minor changes to the tour, dates or price may occur on special occasions so check on our booking page. We accept credit and debit cards. Upon booking you will be sent an e-mail confirmation with a booking reference. The reservation reference and the name of the ordering person is all you need to quote when you enter the tour; there are no printed tickets.

We make you easy

Our tours are provided exclusively via the internet, so we are able to give you quality programmes at budget rates. With lacock guided day tours, you can choose your own destinations from all the destinations we offer with trust whether you are looking for a trip around the country or within a particular area.

Reserve Your tour with Stonehenge Travels


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Experience the extraordinary Salisbury Cathedral tours with Stonehenge travels

The Salisbury Cathedral Tour with Stonehenge travels takes tourists up into this remarkable medieval church’s roof spaces. You do have the chance to stand at the base of the famed spire and peek through it. And there is always more variety in it, from old vandalism to authentic stained glass panes. The tour takes out in time over the holiday season to get it to the top of the tower and see the Christmas lights below you over Salisbury.


Amazing time to visit Salisbury Cathedral Tour


Often the easiest way to get kids to enjoy a historic location in Salisbury Cathedral Tour is to come and do something out of the ordinary during a particular occasion or at an odd time of day / year. It’s the Twilight Tower tour for Salisbury Cathedral that will give kids the thrill of suspense and something both fun and special to do.


Salisbury Cathedral Tour By Stonehenge Travels


Tower tours are offered for all visitors every day in the year, especially throughout the festive season, Salisbury Cathedral tour conducts special ‘Twilight Tower Tours’ each year. From the top you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Salisbury Christmas lights twinkling well below you. They are the best way to finish a day of sightseeing in the Cathedral Nearby, where you can tour the Salisbury Museum.


Energetic and professional tour guides in Stonehenge Travel:


The tour groups are limited, not more than 12 visitors and usually have a decent balance of kids and adults. The Salisbury Cathedral Tour guides are dedicated and highly professional volunteers, who always seem to love getting kids in their groups and communicate with them in such a way that the kids enjoy it completely as well as learn a lot without even trying. Almost everyguide can showcase various aspects of cathedral culture, have favorite memories and stories to share and will often adapt them to fit their audience’s age group.


What makes Salisbury Cathedral Interesting?


The first one was constructed at Old Sarum in 1092, but was destroyed after consecration in a storm. Salisbury Cathedral was reconstructed in stone at the same spot, but because Old Sarum’s site was too tiny, very icy and because of continuing clergy-military dispute, the decision was made to rebuild the cathedral elsewhere. Because every local knows, the tradition is that an arrow had been shot from Old Sarum by the Bishop and it was decided that the current cathedral would be built wherever it fell. The arrow struck a deer that fled for some miles before dying, and the site of the new cathedral where he died is. The actual reason at the time is somewhat more abstruse and because of to land ownership and affordability, but it’s the arrow tale everyone knows. The tower and spire did not form part of the original plans, and the cathedral did not have them either for some years.


Salisbury Cathedral Tours By Stonehenge Travels


Stonehenge travels goal is to provide reliable and up-to – date information and services for people preparing or about to tour Salisbury Cathedral, as well as historical sites and museums and other associated attractions. If you’re adding a small, very famous place to your city break travel plan, or organizing a bigger tour to see as many as possible, we are looking to help.


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Best Travel Company for Stonehenge Tour

Europe has many beautiful places for travelers to explore and these beauties always attract travelers to visit Europe. Among these beautiful places, Stonehenge is one of the most famous places to visit for travelers. Stonehenge is a historic place and it is one of the most renowned prehistoric monuments in Europe and Stonehenge always gets the attraction point of many people from the different parts of the world, it’s mysterious and fascinating, Stonehenge is always an attraction for many people. If you are in London for the first time and if you want to make it memorable then you must visit Stonehenge from London. If you want to book a tour for Stonehenge then Stonehenge Travel might be your ultimate choice. With us, you can explore Stonehenge’s mystery and history safely comfortably.

Stonehenge Tour By Stonehenge Travels


In our most popular tours, Stonehenge Travel have included Stonehenge tours from London, Cotswolds tours, Oxford tours, Lacock tours, Avebury tours, Windsor Castle tours, cruise ship tours from Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral tours, Bath tours, and more.

Now if you decide to explore the beauty of Stonehenge and want to book a Stonehenge tour from a travel company, you must remember some important points. In this article, we will briefly discuss them, and these points will help you to make your trip memorable.

thoroughly before booking a Stonehenge tour from London. It is must remember point but most of the people ignore it and finally, the tour becomes a disappointing tour for them. So, always make sure you go through the package in detail before booking.

Must Confirm What the Package is offering for Stonehenge Tour :

Always make sure that you go through the package But if you book a tour of Stonehenge from Stonehenge Travel, you can check the details of the package on our website before booking. Our Stonehenge tour package is includes all the important things for Stonehenge tours and they are as below

  • A Friendly and Experienced Driver-guide
  • Audio Commentary
  • Luxury Tour Vehicle
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Pick-up and Drop-off, etc

Ask Them How Many People are Allowed

It is one of the crucial points when booking a tour of a private travel company. As they charge differently for a group of different sizes. If you do not confirm it from the travel company, you might pay extra for your tour. But Stonehenge Travel has no hidden charge like other companies in the town. So, you can book us without hesitation.

Explore the Company

Before you book a tour package from a travel company, check the client testimonial and reviews, it will help you understand if the company is worth for booking a tour for Stonehenge. Nowadays it is very easy to check the review of the customer you can visit the client’s website and you will get the required information. Stonehenge Travel is the best company for the Stonehenge tour and you can visit our website for the positive reviews for our satisfied customers.

Explore Other Tour Package

Many tour companies that offer Stonehenge tour also offers tour package for various famous place in England. If you book this package with the Stonehenge package then you can enjoy all the famous places in England and you save a lot of money. Stonehenge Travel offers a Stonehenge tour and also other tours such as Bath, Salisbury, Avebury, and many more. So, Stonehenge Travel always offers various options along with Stonehenge tour, and you can save a lot of money if you hire us.

One of the most important things, we consider at present the safety of our tourists. To our tourists, we offer the utmost safety because of covid-19. We offer our tourists a sanitized car all the time, we have a mask for our tourists and our guide always maintain a physical distance as per Government rules and sitting arrangement will always maintain the physical distance.

Now you understand that Stonehenge Travel is the best company when it comes to Stonehenge tour. We are a very reliable tour company for many years and if you need more information about us you can visit our website or contact us below way

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4 Things You Must Know Before Booking A Stonehenge Tour From London

Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. This mysterious stone circle draws thousands of tourists from around the world every year. It is a must-see for any visitor to the UK. 

If you are currently in London and looking to discover Stonehenge with your family or friends, then you can consider booking a private guide tour to Stonehenge. It will help you explore this prehistoric site in a smooth and hassle-free manner. 

However, before you book a Stonehenge tour from London, you must know some important things. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss them briefly. These tips will help you make your experience a memorable one.

So, let’s get started.

What To Know Before Booking A Stonehenge Private Guided Tour

Here’s what you need to know before you book a Stonehenge day tour from London:

1. Check What’s Included In The Package

Before you book a Stonehenge day tour from London, make sure you have gone through the tour package properly. It seems obvious. But many people don’t check all the package details in the first place and end up being disappointed with the tour. So, take your time to go through all the details before you confirm your booking.

These days, you can find all the details of a tour package on the website of the tour company. However, you can always contact them directly if you have any doubts or questions about the tour.

Here are a few things a Stonehenge day tour must include:

  • A Friendly and Experienced Driver-guide

  • Audio Commentary

  • Luxury Tour Vehicle

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Pick-up and Drop-off, etc.

2. Ask What’s The Maximum Number Of People Allowed On A Tour

It’s a crucial thing to consider when booking a private guide tour. You should also consider checking the differences in the pricing for groups of different sizes.

3. Read Client Testimonials

Client testimonials and reviews can help you know whether booking a Stonehenge day tour from London worth it. It will tell you whether or not a tour company is trustworthy and dependable. 

Nowadays, you can find client reviews and testimonials on the company’s website. You can also visit online review sites for the purpose. 

4. Explore Other Tour Packages Offered By Your Tour Company

Most of the tour companies that offer Stonehenge day tours also offer packages that include visits to other famous sites (Bath, Salisbury, Avebury, etc.) in England. Choosing among these packages can help you explore all the tourist attractions and highlights around Stonehenge at one go. It will also save you money. So, make sure to check all the available packages and options before booking your tour. 

Final Thoughts

While choosing a guided tour is a great decision when it comes to visiting Stonehenge, it’s important that you find a reliable tour company. Only by choosing a reliable tour organizer, you can get the most out of your Stonehenge day tour from London. 

Please feel free to contact us directly to know about our Stonehenge day tours in detail.