Covid Awareness

We recently surveyed our travelers to determine the health and safety precautions which are most important to them while on tour. We used this information, along with feedback from guides, and best practices provided by government health organizations, to create the following guidelines. We expect travelers and guides to follow them, to prioritize health and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. They will be publicly displayed on our website.

Health & Safety Best Practices for All Tours:

Do not go on tour if you, or someone with whom you have been in contact, are sick or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (such as cough, fever, shortness of breath). Travelers can take advantage of our Flexible Cancellation Policy if they need to cancel their tour at the last minute.

Avoid physical contact between guide and traveler; no hugs/handshakes for now.

Vehicles to be sanitized (interiors and door handles) before and after each tour.

Hand sanitizer, spare masks and wipes to be available at all times.

Wear masks while in enclosed spaces, like vehicles or museums.

Be aware of and respect local health and safety regulations and advisories.

Report any concerns to right away.

We also expect guides and travelers to continue to embrace the “new normal” we’ve all become accustomed to: Wash/sanitize hands frequently; Cough or sneeze only into a closed elbow; Avoid shared items; Maintain physical distance between yourself and those outside your bubble.
In the context of Covid-19, it is also especially important for you as a guide to be extra prepared before each tour. Please consider following these best practices to deliver tours as smoothly, safely, and enjoyably, as possible:

Message travelers prior to the date of the tour to confirm ground rules, to make them aware of local regulations and advisories, and to gauge their level of comfort with any associated risks.

Consider keeping the vehicle front passenger seat empty, to ensure physical distance between guide and traveler. This may be something you want to discuss with travelers in advance.

Provide travelers with the information and time they will need to make any necessary preparations for the tour (e.g. arranging personal supplies such as water, food, sanitizer, masks, wipes).

Arrange meeting locations which allow for optimal physical distancing – for instance, open areas free from crowding.

Actively protect travelers from others who are not respecting their space or adhering to safety measures.

Plan routes and itineraries to avoid crowds and busy periods.

Schedule regular hand washing breaks.

Consider using a bluetooth mic while driving, so your voice can carry to the back of the vehicle, even when wearing a mask.

Be transparent with travelers if you have allergies, a persistent unrelated cough, etc.

Be generally over-cautious, be seen to be taking precautions seriously, and please do not downplay potential risks.

We hope that providing this reassurance to travelers will get us one step closer to returning to the “normal” all of our livelihoods depend upon.

covid 19 guidelines.

  • Please be aware we follow all goverment guidelines for covid 19.
  • The vehicles will have a plastic separated pod from driver.
  • The vehicles will be cleaned after each journey.
  • All passengers and drivers must wear masks.except children.
  • No passengers should travel if they are not feeling well or have a temperature.
  • We will have extra masks and hand sanatiser on board.
    After each venue. It will be advised to sanatise hands.
  • It is advised not to hug or shake hands.
    Please do not feel we are being bad mannered.

This is all just for your safety.
We will continue to have a wonderful time.